The Rising Sun

Living in Interior Alaska gives those of us crazy enough to call the subarctic terrain home many lessons on the character of God. I was recently reminded of such while chatting with a friend. I told her how excited I was to see the sunbeams peeking over the treetops. While we don’t have as much dark in Tok as the folks up in Utqiaġvik (formerly known as Barrow), if you aren’t at the crossroads between a certain time of day during November and December, you won’t be seeing the sun. Daylight, yes, but the actual sun barely rises above the horizon during these two months.

My friend chuckled. “The sun always rises, even if it takes a few months.”

That little statement said in jest got me to thinking about how our lives can sometimes look like an Alaskan winter … dark. Sometimes our struggles and circumstances can seem never-ending, like we may be stuck in them forever. It’s important to remember, the Son always rises.

Yet, it’s deeper than that. The longer I pondered, the more I realized just how much I could learn from the dark days of winter. The thing is, the sun doesn’t shine on us living up here at the top of the world until the Earth tilts back towards it. The sun doesn’t move. It stays constant, unwavering in its providing for the earth. It’s the earth that tilts away.

God is always constant, never-wavering, “the same yesterday and today and forever.” All we have to do is tip our focus to Him. He’s there, waiting to shine upon us.

I pray you tilt your face to the Lord in trust. He promises He will not fail to rise.

Guest blog post by Sara Blackard

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  1. It’s hard for me to imagine living without the sun, but it sounds indescribably beautiful. Love your analogy of the sun and the Son. Yes, we are the ones who shift away. Thank you for sharing.

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