The Pledge of Allegiance

I’ll be honest with you.  As a child, Labor Day filled me with dread. School would begin the next day. I’d spend the night tossing and turning until just before dawn when sleep would close my eyelids with the weight of cement blocks.

From what I remember, the first day of school would roll out much like Charlie Brown depicted. The wah-wah-wah-wah conversations, hot cream cheese sandwiches that stuck to the roof of my mouth, and saddle shoes that blistered my ankles. Then came the endless worry of did-I-forget-to-put-on-deoderant?

Do you have any of those memories?  Good to look back and laugh at them now, eh?  🙂

I wanted to share a memory that, for me, never gets old.  As we celebrate this last holiday of summer, I hope the truths wonderfully told by Mr. Red Skelton, a gone but not forgotten entertainer, warms your heart.

By Amre Cortadino

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10 Replies to “The Pledge of Allegiance”

  1. Such a nice trip down memory lane. 🥰 Me too— new saddle shoes and knee socks with starched school uniforms wrapped in cozy wool sweaters. In Ohio the weather was cool in early September—some years there were even snow flurries! I remember the smells of crunchy red and yellow leaves waving in humid breezes, mixed with dank aromas from the Ohio River. The sleepless excitement mixed with a pinch of dread to begin a new year. A new chapter in life’s book and anticipation of writing my next story.

    And Red Skelton was a staple in our home every week. My dad laughed his head off. Red was such a sweet, God-fearing man. His acting ability was superb, and his sense of humor unmatched. Even he laughed at his jokes. Thanks for the memories. 😊

  2. I always looked forward to school for the learning aspect, not so much the social. I was definitely not a part of what they called the “in” crowd, but I loved learning and reading.

    This Red Skelton clip is so inspiring. We need to encourage more patriotism in our country these days especially!

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Patti. I still love to learn, it’s the social aspects that made me a nervous wreck! My mom used to load me up with Coke syrup. Little did she know!!! Thank God they quit making that stuff!!!

      God bless America!!

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