Most mornings I sit in the living room with my cup of tea and spend time with God. I turn my phone on silent and make sure I won’t be interrupted. I keep a post-it note and pen close by to jot down inspirations after the meditation session. I close my eyes and focus on the Lord. While I draw in a deep breath, my mind drifts. During this time I feel God’s presence.

Then I begin to receive Divine revelation. Situations I didn’t realize were significant to me become apparent. Emotions I suppressed resurface. The Lord purges and percolates my whole being to reveal what’s truly important—from his point of view. I remember to send a card or an uplifting email to someone who needs it. As a writer, I receive downloads for sections of the book I am writing. I am honored and amazed that God provides me with insight. I just need to set aside time to be with him.

Spending a few minutes every morning with the Lord brings peace to my mind and soul. Christian meditation is beneficial to our overall well-being. So today, take a few minutes to meditate on the Lord.

I will meditate about your glory, splendor, majesty, and miracles. Psalm 145:5 (TLB)

Guest post by author Susan U. Neal


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